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  • Reporter: Ty Nathan Clark
  • Resume: Contemporary Artist and Producer of the Award Winning Documentary @jumpshotmovie

Country - USA; ; Genres - Documentary; duration - 1 h 13Min; Directed by - Jacob Hamilton. It was invented by a Canadian Next time before posting something, do ur research.

Also US is not a country that promotes freedom, especially not outside of its borders. In fact, US as the leader of NATO initiated wars in Yugoslavia, later bombing of Belgrade, invasions on Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. The moral of the story is that US is ran by satanic masons (13 FED families) and they are all for enslaving human kind with New World Order movement (one world government) with antichrist on its throne. I spent several years of my life growing up in Gakona Alaska. I was privileged to know Mr. Sailors and his wife. I knew him as the man who invented the Jump shot back in the mid 70's. Its sad it took so long for him to be recognized. He'd only talk about his career in sports if you asked him but he would always freely express his love for the Lord. What a cool guy.

Really humbling, good for you Mr. Sailors! One more person knows about your feat. The canadian foot ball leauge is also much older than the americans dont like hearing and basketball all have strong canadian origins. Great man.  A true role model to the students and athletes who have had the honor to meet him. I know my student-athletes enjoyed meeting him last year.

Dumb fucks.


Put him on the hall of fame. EXCELLENT video. take this to heart. He probably helped the shorter people get to the NBA. Im committed! Im on a 40 day super strict healthy eating plan with my hubby! On day 5 and going ok, still craving unhealthy foods but Im not giving in, eating salads and fruit ! Keep going guys stay strong and do it for you! X. Wow. just looking at Tracy Murray's hairdo. that's taking me back. Go Kenny. Uhh it was canadian. Very inspiring.

Great job keeping up the fight, brother! I'm right there with you! Sending hugs! 🤗😘💜. This guy got the history wrong because first of all it was made in canada and second of all coloured people coudnt play basketball at that time. I know the struggle bro, I have struggled with food all my life. I am in a constant state of working out and losing weight, then regaining it. It has affected all aspects of my life, as I dont have energy or drive to do the essential things I want to accomplish. I'm in the military, and it has affected my career as well. I'm currently on an upward trend, losing weight and going to gym every day. Currently down to 240lbs from 255. Good luck bud, it's a daily fight, mentally and physically. I just want to say that you have an awesome personality. You should be proud of that! Good luck with your journey with health. Wishing you the best dude.

I wonder if he ever thought about the fact that some people could actually jump as high as 10 feet with a basketball and slam the ball into the basket. I'm sure that wasn't his first intentions when he first made the sport. James Naismith was the first coach of KU basketball. It was invented by a Canadian so basically it is a Canadian sport. James Naismith is a Canadian,and he invented it at Massachussets.





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