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Cast=Aldis Hodge. Writer=Leigh Whannell. genre=Thriller.
I was like, geezus they couldn't get a real baby for this. oh, I see what you did there.
Thanks, no need to watch this movie, it was in the trailer.


Petition for Rami Malek, Gwilym Lee, Ben Hardy and Joe Mazzello to recreate this video.

ITS WEST FROM THE NEXT STEP OMG MY 10 YR OLD SELF IS FANGIRLING SO HARD RN. They removed some of the scenes in this trailer in the actual movie. October 3, 2019. Reminiscing 90's to 2000's songs. Songs with a lot of sense and meaning. 😘😍 Next in line: Blue, Westlife, NSync, and all the real boybands before😘😍. So happy 😊 The trailer saved me the cost of a ticket 😂 I know all the plot points, twists, and action scenes. Cheers guys 👍.

Freddie isnt the invisible man! INCREDIBLE HOW HE CAN. I like scatmans version better. dont get me wrong, queen is one of my favorite bands but once in a while theres a cover thats better than the original.

2019 and its still awesome... The song at the end XD.


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